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Working Principle and Structure Characteristics of Single Screw Pump

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  Single screw pump is also called "Mono pump" or "eccentric rotor pump ". Originated from France, in view of its good performance and cost-performance, in recent years has been widely used in China. Its main characteristics are strong adaptability to medium, steady flow rate, small pressure pulsation and high self-priming ability, which can not be replaced by other pumps.
  So what is the working principle of a single screw pump?
  Single screw pump is an internal meshing eccentric rotary volume pump, which is mainly composed of stator with double-headed spiral cavity and rotor meshing with it. When the rotor rotates around the axis of the stator in the stator cavity, the sealing cavity formed between the rotor and the stator shifts along the rotor axial direction, conveying the liquid evenly, continuously and continuously from the suction port to the outlet. The single screw pump is simple in structure and easy to disassemble and maintain. The main components include bearing seat, shaft seal, inlet cavity, universal joint, stator, rotor, outlet short connection and so on. Among them, the rotor material can choose 40 Cr、304、316L、2205… carbon steel, stainless steel or hard chromium plated stainless steel according to the field working conditions and the different medium transported. After hardening the rotor surface, the hardness can reach HRC55, more wear-resistant, and after special polishing, the surface finish can reach 0.2.
  According to the properties of the conveying medium, the stator rubber sleeve material can be selected for a variety of rubber materials, such as butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber, EPDM rubber, ultra-wear resistant rubber, food grade rubber, etc.
  Medium used for stator rubber:
  ( nitrile-butadiene rubber )(NBR) is mainly used to transport mineral oils and hydrocarbon oils, weak acids and bases. EPDM (EPDM), mainly used to transport acid, alkaline medium. fluorine rubber (FPM), mainly used to transport hydrocarbons, benzene, alkanes, solvents and other media. Universal joint: external use of rubber sheath, internal use of grease lubrication, Huangshan Industrial pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Single screw pump branch using national standard cross shaft structure, transmission torque, high reliability, long life, convenient maintenance. Shaft seal: packing seal, single end mechanical seal, double end mechanical seal and other sealing methods, and packing seal and single end mechanical seal can be exchanged. Imported cavity and outlet short connection: there are a variety of materials to choose from, and the imported cavity can achieve the direction of the upper, left and right direction exchange, more flexible installation. Bearing seat or support frame: when the reducer and the single screw pump are connected by coupling, the bearing seat structure is adopted, and when the reducer is directly connected with the pump, the support frame structure is used.
  Single screw pump is widely used in petrochemical industry, environmental protection, exploration and mining, medicine and food, shipbuilding industry, energy industry, paper making, construction, mineral, machinery and other industries.
  1.petrochemical industry: light, heavy oil, Acid and salt solution, All kinds of viscous paste, emulsion chemical slurry transport, Oil-water separation and waste oil recovery systems, Polymer transport; 2. environmental protection: industrial, domestic sewage treatment, Oil treatment, Conveying sludge and turbid water containing solid particles and short fibers, Oil-water separation and waste gas engineering, Metrological addition of flocculants and its chemical preparation; 3. exploration and mining: transport of drilling mud, Mining water supply, Mine duster feed, Mine roadway wall spraying mortar, concrete, etc; 4. medicine food: transport medical ointment, syrup, jam, fermentation broth, honey, cream, starch paste, toothpaste and so on; 5. marine industry: bilge cleaning pumps, Marine incinerator pumps, Pump for oil - water separator, Engine room oily water and other medium transport; 6. energy industry: transporting fuel, Coal water slurry, resin, additives; 7. Paper Industry: Various Pulps, Short fiber slurry delivery, Slurry and waste water treatment, chemical dose, Preparation of raw materials, coating and coloring processes; 8. construction industry: cement mortar, Paint, Lime emulsion and other paste liquid transport; 9. electrolyte treatment: a variety of paste, milk, suspension and can not stir and shear medium transport; 10. Mineral engineering: preparation and transport of coal water slurry, Preparation of kaolin and other materials, Loading and grouting; 11. Mechanical engineering: oil-water mixtures, metal-containing sludge, metallurgical slurry, waste tank emptying, etc;
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Address:Company Address: O Block,10th Floor,768 Xietu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Address:Zhejiang Factory Address :23rd Street, New Eastern District, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province
Address:Shanghai Factory Address :1515 Luoning Road, Luojing Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai

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